Manchester Mini League Update (Round 2)

Sunday 13th May saw our second trip up to Sale Leisure Centre for a late start, and an even later finish!


The first match was the SaCKA derby against Castle. Captain James chose divisions, putting himself with¬†Lee, Sarah and Sophie¬†and Julia, Michela, Dave and Kev making up the other division. Castle split themselves with Tom, Ben (Weeman), Emily and Marie against James’ division and Dave Webb, Mike, Christine and Eleanor (traitor) against Kev’s.

The game seemed to fly by, despite Castle’s team talk before the starting whistle seeming to suggest they would have an easy time of it, the play was tough, evenly matched and certainly not easy! Plenty of shots went in from all directions but the final scoreline didn’t reflect either this, or the game in general – being 9 – 3 to Castle. (would have been 5 – 3 without the traitor!)


The second match against a Manchester City side looked to be a very tough one on paper. They had some serious experience- especially the boys. Depsite this, we pulled our own game up and played very well. Unfortunately in the end, the experience showed through and the final scoreline was 17-8. Special mention to Kev for being a demon in attack and defence (he seemed to cover the entire court), to Dale for playing well against some tough physical opposition and to Julia for pretending to hurt her finger to come off for a rest after 5 minutes of playing! Divisions were Lee, Dave, Michela and Eleanor/Julia, and Kev, Dale, Sarah and Sophie.

Well played all who took part, with some good results (certainly made both Castle and Manchester City work very hard for their goals), hopefully more to come in a fortnight!

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